Winter Is Coming

Get ready to say goodbye to the beauty of Autumn and hello to the cold harshness of Winter. No more bonfires and fireworks to entertain us for another year, no more pumpkin pie or Halloween costumes. Now we have to embrace the night and the cold, and be forced into looking forward to Christmas.


There is something beautiful about the leaves scattering over the pavement, peppering the grass with reds and golds. It ironically reminds me of Christmas tree colours; a sign of what’s to come.

But let’s face it, whether we’re five or fifty, we love to crunch leaves under our booted feet. We see a pile of fallen leaves and we can’t resist diverting our course a little so we can walk through it. It’s one of my favourite times of year; when the leaves are crisp and untouched, and the trees are still crimson and orange and yellow. There are few sights prettier.

And the smells! Cinnamon and hot food and the linger of fireworks on the air. My ideal Autumn night would be homemade Chilli con carne,  a public fireworks display (not too busy), playing with sparklers, and then going home to my onesie, a good film and a hot chocolate with marshmallows and cream.


The scent of cinnamon continues on with us at least, only to be joined with the other smells of Christmas; roast turkey and pigs in blankets and Bucks Fizz. You see, the end of the year may be dark and cold and depressing, but these occasions of warmth and comfort make them so worthwhile. Summer is by far my favourite month, but Autumn and Winter are strong contenders for the social aspect and the scenery.

In a way I’m sad to leave Autumn behind. I should definitely have taken more pictures and baked more. I made my first pumpkin pie at least! It may have tasted like egg custard, but it was edible! Halloween was fun too. I mean, who doesn’t like getting to wear a cape without being called weird or socially awkward?!



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