League of Legends: To The Feels of Justice!

As season four looms on the horizon, I can’t help but hope they’ll finally make ranked games fairer.

Because right now they suck.


I myself have only played twelve ranked solo/duo queue games, and I got into Bronze II (and I’m perfectly happy being “bronze scum”). I’ve played so few because I’ve gotten bored of all the angry, whining people. If you do the slightest thing wrong, they go ape.

And don’t even get me started on afk-ers and rage quitters.

And yet these all count towards your rank; if your whole team fails, you fail.

Don’t know if this is a dumb suggestion – feel free to comment telling me I’m wrong – but couldn’t they create a system based on personal scores rather than victories and defeats? Like being ranked on your own kill/death/assist ratio?

You currently get about what, 10 LP for winning a game, and lose about 30 for defeats? It makes it nigh on impossible to get any higher. 

I mean, I know people who are in Bronze V who deserve to at least be in Silver V, but the people they’re paired with make it extremely difficult to get anywhere, and I’ve seen Gold players play worse than me, which begs the question: are the divisions fair?

Division Names:

These annoy me too. I know they’ve taken the names of the champs and put them next to words like “Guild, Tornadoes, Cyclops (I mean really, when is Cyclops gonna make a division sound good?)” etc, but it would be so much cooler if they made them more personal.

Like this:


Until they make some awesome changes, think I’ll stick to normal games. To the feels of justice!


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