So I’ve recently gotten into a Twitter craze called ‘#FP’ (Friday Phrases), where you post a 140 character story/story prompt/poem. Some of them are very interesting, and it’s a great exercise to get those creative juices flowing!

Here are some of my most recent ones:




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KH 1.5 Remix (COM) – A Review.


As a long time fan of Kingdom Hearts, and playing my way through all of the games except Chain of Memories, my boyfriend bought Kingdom Hearts 1.5 Remix.

I’ve finally gotten round to playing it. At first I was unsure about the card based fighting system, but I grew to love it. There are so many combinations and styles of fighting that it keeps it fresh and exciting. The remake is extremely well done and fun to play. 

As a main character, I’ve never really enjoyed Sora – he’s far too happy! – but we get to see a darker side of him in this game as he becomes obsessed with his fake memories, and does all in his power to protect the girl who planted them.

The plot is brilliant for those (like me!) who are obsessed with the story. However, it’s very easy to level up, and the only boss fight I truly struggled with was Axel (second to last boss)… Let’s just say he doesn’t stay still for very long. Then there is a three parter, very fabulous fight with the pink haired Marluxia, who is stupidly easy to beat compared to Axel. 

So with Sora’s storyline completed, I was extremely excited to start Riku’s (one of my favourite characters). It started off well; he meets Ansem again, and it intrigued me as to how Ansem’s heartless survived.

But then the rest of Riku’s story feels rushed. It’s like Square got bored or ran out of time halfway through, and I found myself thoroughly disappointed.

Instead of Sora’s plethora of keyblades, RIku gets one. There are no magic cards, no healing abilities, and you can’t even change your deck.

You literally have to make do with what you’re dealt.

I agree, it’s nice to have a different system for a different character – Riku’s Dark mode is OP and fun to play – but it just feels lack lustre.

Even worse is the cutscenes. For each special key card door, Sora had a cutscene within the worlds. Riku had the same in Hollow Bastion… but after that, as soon as you open the special door (Riku only has one instead of four), you go straight into the same boss fights that Sora had in each world, with no explanation as to why.

And because you can’t change your deck, it makes the Moogle stores redundant, so they don’t give you the option to use them. This also means that smashing crates and other objects around the worlds is pointless. In Sora’s mode, you can get Moogle Points and random cards to use in battle by hitting things. The only thing you get with Riku is health.

It took me 40+ hours to complete Sora’s story fully. It’s only taken me 7 hours with Riku. It’s a real shame. 

But overall I’d be happy to play Sora’s half again. It’s a really well made game. I just wish they’d give Riku the same treatment!

Is It Just Me?


Is it just me, or is everyone between the ages of 16 and 20 getting pregnant/engaged these days?

I don’t like judging people, but it makes me so angry they aren’t living their lives first.

I know it is easy to mistake obsession and lust for love, and I am in no place to say whether they truly are in love or not… but when I see a nineteen year old engaged to a fifty-something year old after only a month of being with him, I can’t help but shake my head.

I’m all for “age is just a number,” believe me… but there’s got to be a limit, surely. It’d be wrong for a seven year old to date a ninety year old! What happens when you’re in your fifties and your husband dies of old age?

But what’s worse lately is the pregnancies. Okay, nineteen isn’t a terrible age to get pregnant, but I know people who are on their third or fourth child by now. How do you have time to enjoy life? We should be out having fun at this age, not stuck inside on a Saturday evening, watching kid’s TV and changing nappies.

I’m not saying they all make bad parents. I’m sure they love their children as much as any other parent, if not more. In fact, some of the best mums I know were young when they had kids. But there are people who give birth and then dump it on their parents while they go out clubbing every night.

And the majority are already single parents.

If you’re going to be a parent, the child has to come first. And if you have it too early, a lot of your life will be dedicated to that child. Where do you fit in time to achieve your life’s ambitions, to travel and make a name for yourself and just experience everything you can?

But who am I to declare what’s right or wrong. Everyone has different views on everything. These are simply mine.