The Elevator Dream

There was a sort of elevator on the wall of my bedroom, and someone had clearly been rearranging my furniture. There were many people in the lift with me, but it wasn’t actually going anywhere. Suddenly, my friend held a torch up to the top of the elevator, and said, “Look, rust!”

That was when we all knew.

We all looked at each other, and then dashed out of the lift. We raced out of the room, down the stairs and out the front door. As soon as made it, my whole house blew up. Somehow, the elevator had been contaminated.

We sought refuge in an old warehouse just to the left of my house. (the non-existent one)

After a while I decided to brave the house. I went back in to retrieve some of my stuff. Strangely enough, none of the stuff in my room was even the slightest bit burnt – it was immaculate.

Of course I didn’t question this, so I started grabbing clothes and the memory stick with all of my computer’s data on it. My laptop – my pride and joy – was next to the elevator, and I couldn’t risk getting it for fear that I would cause another explosion. The lift looked pretty menacing.


When I woke up, my room looked really strange. I saw things that I’d forgotten to imagine in my dream. The wall where the “elevator” was, looked especially strange… Maybe I’m still in the dream and left reality behind D:


The Merlin Dream

I was on the set of Merlin, working. They were in the middle of a scene where Arthur, for some reason, pretends to stab Merlin with his sword, and instead tucks it through Merlin’s arm. I saw this, grabbed another sword, swung it about expertly and pressed it right up to Arthur’s neck. Then I realised that Merlin wasn’t injured and immediately took the sword away from Arthur’s throat. I’d left an imprint of the blade across his neck.

He got up and we started talking (him now being his normal Bradley James self) and we walked together amongst the small crowd towards a single line of trees which a crowd of people were standing under, including my parents (?). It started to rain, so we both pulled hoods up over our heads.

We were waiting under the trees for the new ‘attraction.’ It turned out to be a roller coaster-style method of transport. Mum and dad got on behind me, mum saying she was most likely going to vomit. I lost Bradley somewhere along the way. We took off, and I didn’t find it that traumatising, and neither did mum. Then suddenly the rollercoaster pulled into Rhyl station, where I saw a friend of mine standing there, wearing bling and a baseball cap (extremely out of character). I tapped on the window, but he didn’t hear me.

We carried on to another station, then another. We picked up an old acquaintance of mine, and carried on. The tracks rode over a pristine beach; white sand and a really light turquoise sea. It was beautiful.

I had a big bottle of lemonade at my feet. Then for some reason we had to get off of the train thing, onto the tracks opposite the lovely beach. The ‘train’ went on without us and another, exact replica of the first arrived just as suddenly as the first had left. This one bore the number three on the front.

We got onto the new one, that looked exactly the same as the other…and the bottle of lemonade was on this one, in the exact same place that I had left it on the last one. Bizarre.

The Harry Potter Dream

I can’t remember all of it, but I remember being inside one of the earlier Harry Potter games, in the dungeons area. If I fell to the floor, the darkness swallowed me up and I was returned to the place that I fell from with less health each time. I was, for some reason, playing as Gilderoy Lockheart at that point. Then I got stuck behind a fence playing as Harry. I had to try and get back over otherwise I would have fallen into the deadly pitch blackness again. I was just walking against the fence like a glitched character. Ron and Hermione managed to drag me back over the fence by my arms as I was incapable of getting over it alone.

Then, still playing as Harry, I locked an old man in a box. It turned out to be Snape. The scene suddenly changed and I was just plain old me, walking towards Emmerdale’s home farm with Debbie Dingle and Natasha Wylde. We were discussing something that I can’t remember. Suddenly Cain Dingle came out of nowhere and furiously asked me, “Why did you lock my dad in that black box?”

I have absolutely no idea why I have such bizarre dreams.

The France Dream

I paid for a trip to France for me and my boyfriend. The plan was for me to write and make a name for myself. We got on various trains to places I’ve never heard of to get there.

But I forgot my laptop charger, we had nowhere to stay, and no money. My boyfriend reminded me that Karma lived in France. Yeah.. Karma… from League of Legends. We sought her out, but she wasn’t home. So naturally we broke into her apartment and I sat there writing for a bit.

Then things started to shift into another dream. Suddenly it was our flat back home, and we were having a party. Only none of us had a decent TV except our other flatmate – a High School acquaintance I was calling Fiora (Also League of Legends) – and she was out.

So we let ourselves into her room, making a habit of breaking into people’s places, and practically trashed the place. This was when I discovered another of our flatmates planning to leave us next year for someone else.

I left because I was upset, so went back to my room and looked out the window. ‘Fiora’ was coming back, so I locked my door to hide from her wrath, as if to say “It totally wasn’t my fault.”

The Tsunami Dream

At my University, we somehow acquired a lake and a Tesco on campus at the same time. Lots of people were in the supermarket when my Tsunami Senses started tingling. Sure enough, as I looked out across the lake, I saw the water begin to build up and flood in a rage of rushing water (as lakes do) across the campus. At first I sought shelter inside the shop, and then I thought, “What the Hell am I doing? I’ll get trapped in there!” So I swam back out into the torrent of water, and hoped the people in Tesco survived.

It wasn’t a very long lasting tsunami. Not long after the water ran through, it vaporised. Nobody was injured, just a little damp. Although it turned out one girl had died, and her body, covered in seaweed (from the lake, of course) and her body had gone into rigamortis already. She looked like a mummy with all the dried mud on her corpse.

One of the lecturers held her in his arms, and then threw her into the calm lake. I thought this was a bit odd, seeing as her parents wouldn’t have known what happened to her… but then when a tsunami hit a lake and flooded Tesco I didn’t bat an eyelid.

The Monopoly Dream

My High School were having a massive Monopoly game (literally… the board was massive!) And we all had real money to pretty much gamble. I guess it was our reunion, because half the people in my dream I haven’t seen in years. My French teacher gave us all an extra £150 on top of whatever money we’d already brought with us. It was my go first.

I bought all the reds straight off (somehow). I was doing well. Someone landed on something that gave me free houses on my reds. Success! When it was my turn again I rolled a 44…on two standard dice. I went all the way around the board and then some.

But when I looked again, my houses were owned by someone else. The thieves! I was so angry… I was not going to lose this game.

And that’s how the Civil War broke out.

The Fence Dream

I lived in a massive house connected to a town who were constantly under threat. I was staying with one of the richer families, but they were lovely: a young boy, a young girl and their father. While I slept in the garden (don’t know why) I heard a noise coming from the Fence. I knew what the Fence symbolised, and it terrified me. The Fence was the boundaries with which the enemy could enter. They could not cross the Fence, although that didn’t stop them sending lovely presents over it. I saw small scatters of light coming over the Fence. I chanced a look over. Boys were throwing fireworks over the Fence.

The children came out, and I was worried they’d get hit by one. They’d never seen the Fence before, and they asked me what it was. I hurried them back inside the conservatory, out of harm’s way.

We locked and bolted both doors, before their father came in. Someone appeared out of the pitch black night and opened the first door. I grabbed the nearest blunt instrument and charged at him.

“Woah,” the father said. “It’s just Mario… he’s my delivery boy, we can trust him. That’s Mario’s door,” he laughed.

I lowered my weapon, but I still didn’t trust the man in the brown suit. We went and sat in the upstairs kitchen, and I did the washing up (great dream). The window over the sink was open, and it was early morning now. Mario sat watching me, and the father talked to nobody in particular. As I put a pan down, it slipped and fell out of the window. There was a massive clang from the street below.

The father looked horrified. He knew what it meant. Mario smirked, as if he’d been waiting for this all along. I was as ignorant as the children.

Someone came and took the family away, and the house was boarded up. I was forced out and had nowhere to live. In a small shop, I listened to the gossip about the family.

“It’s going to be weird not seeing those little darlings again… I’m glad they’re gone though.”

“Thank God that’s over with.”