Dream Diary

I’ve recently rediscovered my Dream Diary, and I thought some of them were wacky and bizarre enough to share with you all. Don’t judge my subconscious brain, please! I shall start with this short one to reel you all in:

Humanity had been near enough destroyed and now we all lived in little huts. Barely anything remained of the golden age. I’d recently moved huts with my boyfriend and a couple of friends. It was a tiny hut on the edge of the ocean. I saw humanity’s biggest threat: A giant C3PO silhouette, on the horizon. He was looking into all the huts, deciding which one to blow up. He always blew up one, and then disappeared for a while. It was horrible, waiting to see which of us would die.

I heard my phone go off in my old hut so I went off to get it. It was a chain text, from a friend I’ve not spoken to in years.

But it saved my life.

When I got back outside, my new hut had been blown up. There was nothing left of it; just smoke, and the memories of the people who’d been inside it.
I was numb. I couldn’t feel anything. But then someone shouted, “over here!” and it was the first time anyone had been excited in months. He’d found an old basement.

Sure, the house no longer existed, but the stairs and room were perfectly in tact. It was full of old paintings and candelabras and cobwebs. Maybe, just maybe, this would save us all.


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