The Fence Dream

I lived in a massive house connected to a town who were constantly under threat. I was staying with one of the richer families, but they were lovely: a young boy, a young girl and their father. While I slept in the garden (don’t know why) I heard a noise coming from the Fence. I knew what the Fence symbolised, and it terrified me. The Fence was the boundaries with which the enemy could enter. They could not cross the Fence, although that didn’t stop them sending lovely presents over it. I saw small scatters of light coming over the Fence. I chanced a look over. Boys were throwing fireworks over the Fence.

The children came out, and I was worried they’d get hit by one. They’d never seen the Fence before, and they asked me what it was. I hurried them back inside the conservatory, out of harm’s way.

We locked and bolted both doors, before their father came in. Someone appeared out of the pitch black night and opened the first door. I grabbed the nearest blunt instrument and charged at him.

“Woah,” the father said. “It’s just Mario… he’s my delivery boy, we can trust him. That’s Mario’s door,” he laughed.

I lowered my weapon, but I still didn’t trust the man in the brown suit. We went and sat in the upstairs kitchen, and I did the washing up (great dream). The window over the sink was open, and it was early morning now. Mario sat watching me, and the father talked to nobody in particular. As I put a pan down, it slipped and fell out of the window. There was a massive clang from the street below.

The father looked horrified. He knew what it meant. Mario smirked, as if he’d been waiting for this all along. I was as ignorant as the children.

Someone came and took the family away, and the house was boarded up. I was forced out and had nowhere to live. In a small shop, I listened to the gossip about the family.

“It’s going to be weird not seeing those little darlings again… I’m glad they’re gone though.”

“Thank God that’s over with.”


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