The Tsunami Dream

At my University, we somehow acquired a lake and a Tesco on campus at the same time. Lots of people were in the supermarket when my Tsunami Senses started tingling. Sure enough, as I looked out across the lake, I saw the water begin to build up and flood in a rage of rushing water (as lakes do) across the campus. At first I sought shelter inside the shop, and then I thought, “What the Hell am I doing? I’ll get trapped in there!” So I swam back out into the torrent of water, and hoped the people in Tesco survived.

It wasn’t a very long lasting tsunami. Not long after the water ran through, it vaporised. Nobody was injured, just a little damp. Although it turned out one girl had died, and her body, covered in seaweed (from the lake, of course) and her body had gone into rigamortis already. She looked like a mummy with all the dried mud on her corpse.

One of the lecturers held her in his arms, and then threw her into the calm lake. I thought this was a bit odd, seeing as her parents wouldn’t have known what happened to her… but then when a tsunami hit a lake and flooded Tesco I didn’t bat an eyelid.


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