The France Dream

I paid for a trip to France for me and my boyfriend. The plan was for me to write and make a name for myself. We got on various trains to places I’ve never heard of to get there.

But I forgot my laptop charger, we had nowhere to stay, and no money. My boyfriend reminded me that Karma lived in France. Yeah.. Karma… from League of Legends. We sought her out, but she wasn’t home. So naturally we broke into her apartment and I sat there writing for a bit.

Then things started to shift into another dream. Suddenly it was our flat back home, and we were having a party. Only none of us had a decent TV except our other flatmate – a High School acquaintance I was calling Fiora (Also League of Legends) – and she was out.

So we let ourselves into her room, making a habit of breaking into people’s places, and practically trashed the place. This was when I discovered another of our flatmates planning to leave us next year for someone else.

I left because I was upset, so went back to my room and looked out the window. ‘Fiora’ was coming back, so I locked my door to hide from her wrath, as if to say “It totally wasn’t my fault.”


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