The Harry Potter Dream

I can’t remember all of it, but I remember being inside one of the earlier Harry Potter games, in the dungeons area. If I fell to the floor, the darkness swallowed me up and I was returned to the place that I fell from with less health each time. I was, for some reason, playing as Gilderoy Lockheart at that point. Then I got stuck behind a fence playing as Harry. I had to try and get back over otherwise I would have fallen into the deadly pitch blackness again. I was just walking against the fence like a glitched character. Ron and Hermione managed to drag me back over the fence by my arms as I was incapable of getting over it alone.

Then, still playing as Harry, I locked an old man in a box. It turned out to be Snape. The scene suddenly changed and I was just plain old me, walking towards Emmerdale’s home farm with Debbie Dingle and Natasha Wylde. We were discussing something that I can’t remember. Suddenly Cain Dingle came out of nowhere and furiously asked me, “Why did you lock my dad in that black box?”

I have absolutely no idea why I have such bizarre dreams.


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