The Merlin Dream

I was on the set of Merlin, working. They were in the middle of a scene where Arthur, for some reason, pretends to stab Merlin with his sword, and instead tucks it through Merlin’s arm. I saw this, grabbed another sword, swung it about expertly and pressed it right up to Arthur’s neck. Then I realised that Merlin wasn’t injured and immediately took the sword away from Arthur’s throat. I’d left an imprint of the blade across his neck.

He got up and we started talking (him now being his normal Bradley James self) and we walked together amongst the small crowd towards a single line of trees which a crowd of people were standing under, including my parents (?). It started to rain, so we both pulled hoods up over our heads.

We were waiting under the trees for the new ‘attraction.’ It turned out to be a roller coaster-style method of transport. Mum and dad got on behind me, mum saying she was most likely going to vomit. I lost Bradley somewhere along the way. We took off, and I didn’t find it that traumatising, and neither did mum. Then suddenly the rollercoaster pulled into Rhyl station, where I saw a friend of mine standing there, wearing bling and a baseball cap (extremely out of character). I tapped on the window, but he didn’t hear me.

We carried on to another station, then another. We picked up an old acquaintance of mine, and carried on. The tracks rode over a pristine beach; white sand and a really light turquoise sea. It was beautiful.

I had a big bottle of lemonade at my feet. Then for some reason we had to get off of the train thing, onto the tracks opposite the lovely beach. The ‘train’ went on without us and another, exact replica of the first arrived just as suddenly as the first had left. This one bore the number three on the front.

We got onto the new one, that looked exactly the same as the other…and the bottle of lemonade was on this one, in the exact same place that I had left it on the last one. Bizarre.


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