The Han Solo Dream

I was Kog’Maw from League of Legends, exploding and trying to steal dragon with my ulti, that kind of thing. Lee Sin was on my case all the time. Anyway, that’s not important, because not long after that the dream shifted, and I was Captain Jean Luc Picard in my parent’s bedroom.

I had released Morgana onto the battlefield with the password “360” after she had been cryogenically frozen. Every Cryotube needed my hand scanner. I had one particular tube in the room with me.

We needed Han Solo. This major war across many galaxies (across many fandoms) needed a pilot like Han Solo. We froze him many hundreds of years ago, specifically for a war like this. I unzipped the bag and gazed across the black metal container. I placed my hand on the scanner. Lots of people would kill for this hand, and the number of soldiers it gave access to. The tube asked me for the password.

I checked my parent’s wardrobe door where a long, nonsensical paragraph had been written. I understood it, but couldn’t quite locate the password within it. It kept shifting.

That’s when he arrived.

Adrian; the bad guy from Little Nicky, started bashing on the door. “I know you’re in there, baldy!” He cried. I double checked the lock on the door. There was no way I could let him get anywhere near Han, but there wasn’t really any way I could stop him. I zipped Han back up, and sat on his tube innocently.

Adrian burst through the door.


Then I was in the point of view of Han Solo. I saw the bag unzip around me, and Adrian looking down over me, smiling. “Hello, little icy man,” he said, as he smothered me with my parent’s pillow.


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