The ‘Half a Camel’ Conversation

K: I can’t wait to go to Egypt. I’ll sell you for two and a half camels.

Me: What? How are you going to get the half?

K: I’ll ask them to cut it horizontally.

Me: Wouldn’t it make more sense to cut it vertically? Then you can have a symmetrical half of a camel.

K: No! I don’t want the legs, so I’d have to cut it like this.

*In the dark room, K gets up onto all fours, and shows me with his own hand where he would cut a camel.*

Me: Yeah great… I can’t see what you’re doing.

*K then proceeds to take my hand and shove it in his mouth to show me he would cut the camel there.*
Me: But that wouldn’t cut the camel in half, that would just chop half his head off!

K: Okay fine, a little lower. Then I could have a camel rug!

Me: With a hump in the middle…

K: It’d make a nice seat…


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