The Car Chase Dream

I was in London with my parents. I decided to visit a small café while they went off and shopped in Victoria. Cain Dingle was on a table nearby, but I had my eye on a different man. He was watching me intently, and not in a way I liked. Before I even left the café, I knew he’d follow me.

Cain came too. He grabbed my arm and said, “is he following?” He was talking about someone else. Someone after his blood. I replied, “no, but someone else is.” He nodded, and guided me towards his posh black car. As we drove away, a small grey family car pulled out behind us.

We were followed for a long time. We were going stupidly fast and for some reason I trusted Cain completely. Even when he told me I needed to get out and cycle the rest of the way, and that we would rendezvous at our destination. So I did. I cycled up a hill I’ve only seen before in previous dreams that leads to “Prestatyn” (but doesn’t coz it’s going the wrong way).

And naturally I was super speedy on this bike that appeared out of nowhere. Which is probably why I woke up tired.



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