The Fire Dream

I actually remembered this one! And it was horrible…

Especially while I sit here I’m thankful it wasn’t true.

There was a fire. A huge fire tore through the halls of residence I’m sat in now. My boyfriend came and got me, said there was a fire and that we needed to get out.

And we did, just in time. We stood in the (non-existent) conservatory-like shop, waiting for the fire brigade to get there.

They never came. Thugs did though. I saw them gathering outside in the darkness, and simultaneously they exploded the windows, climbed through, and started terrorising the people inside. Some grabbed the goods inside and ran off into the night. I grabbed my boyfriend and my flatmate and ran for the safe part of the halls.

Once inside, no-one could hurt us. We took refuge in a random bedroom, where I took the chance to ring my other flatmate and see if she was okay. No answer.

I tried again. She answered this time, but she sounded quiet, sort of sleepy. She said she was at a friends… it didn’t sound right, but at least she was alive.

I thought about all the stuff I had lost; my laptop, most importantly. My clothes, my games… everything. I looked out across the window and saw the blackened state of the building opposite. I tried not to let the loss sink in.

Then the owner of the room returned. We had nowhere to go.


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