The Amazing Notepad from Before Scribblenauts Dream

I had a secret club. (Yeah that makes me sound awesome). We were a sort of secret organisation (More awesome) Most of the people I didn’t know, but I had a couple of friends there and everyone looked up to me. (Even more awesome) Our clubhouse was in my old Maths classroom in High School (not so awesome), only my teacher and the crappy maths posters weren’t in there.

One of us randomly started drawing on a notepad, and suddenly these things appeared in the room. We all got pads out and began drawing furnishings, and they all appeared. We had thick purple curtains and massive TVs, game machines, squishy leather sofas and bean bags, shelves filled with books. It was epic.

The suddenly everyone but me disappeared. I was the last of the Great…uh…Drawers?

People were trying to get into my clubhouse, namely my neighbours from across the road. They eventually got in, but I took my a pencil, drew  a padlock on my palm and wrote their names within it. They were instantly banned from the club, and suddenly were outside the door, physically unable to enter. I was Master of the Notepad, and was starting to go slightly mad with loneliness.

I wonder what I did to the previous club members.

I finally left the clubhouse, and saw a small crowd of people heading left. I joined the throng, and saw my friend walking along. Only, her hair was different; shorter, full fringe. I caught up with her, but she was really depressed. We reached a bench in the middle of the courtyard. She, however, sat on the floor next to it. So I followed her and said, “Uh…Bench? Floor? Why?”

Then some random girl came and sat on the bench, and fell through the wooden planks. We both burst out laughing.


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