The ‘No Job Means No Experience’ Cycle – An Idea


2.33 million people in the UK are unemployed. I myself am one of them. I’ve been in education from primary school straight through to University, and now I need a job. Only I don’t have any experience. And you can’t get many jobs without experience. And you can’t get any experience without a job.

Frustrating, isn’t it.

Well why can’t the education system do more about this? I think some sort of scheme or course needs to be created – whether in High Schools, Colleges, Universities or all three. The course would teach voluntary pupils basic skills for jobs in the Tertiary Sector, such as waitressing, customer service, retail, etc. Because let’s face it; further education or not, most of us public school kids are heading for jobs like that. Of course some people break free of that, and good for them. But most of us get stuck in the never-ending whirlwind.

And these educational institutions running the course could make contact with local businesses to arrange work placements for their pupils. This would not only establish connections for the pupils, but also prepare them better for the real world. The local businesses get free labour, there’s a greater sense of community in the area, and oh look! More jobs are created by the need for teachers to teach these skills. It’s a win win!

Either way, I feel that schools could do more to prepare us for the real world.

When I think about it, it seems like such a simple solution. Am I missing something? Any thoughts?


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