The Kingdom Hearts Dream

I can’t remember all of my dream, but I was in this dark room inside a game. There were white trinities all over the place and I was surrounded by tall hedges. I had this small, short-haired girl with me (not Kairi), and Goofy.

I saw a way out over the shortest, but still stupidly tall hedge, and on the other side was just a lone peach tree. I was about to climb over when my companions told me not to, that it was extremely dangerous in there. I asked what would happen, and then saw it in a vision; vines shot out of the tree like snakes, covered in poisonous peaches, wrapping me up and suffocating me.

I decided not to go that way.

Instead, I looked for a save point. I found it, floating on a pedestal in line with other identical pedestals. I climbed up onto it, then in the beam of light was levitated upwards until I was floating directly above the save point. I could see the whole maze from here, but it didn’t interest me to look.

I changed the short-haired girl for Donald, so that we could do the trinities. We touched weapons above the first trinity, and Ansem appeared, saying, “surprise!”

Then some other stuff happened that I can’t remember, and I woke up.


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