The Potential Murder Dream…

I was in France (again) with a few friends. We stopped at a random corner shop down an alley from a lovely little market, all Hunchback of Notre Dame style. We were just after some snacks and drinks from all our hard work shopping.

The Mini mart was packed full of people. The guys, being guys, knew what they wanted, found it all straight away and left. I wandered around for a while, until I saw a woman with the most amazing looking croissant ever.

I asked her, “ou est?” and pointed to the croissant in her elderly hands. She shook her head as if I were trying to steal it rather than ask where she got it from. She got protective over her croissant. So I pushed her, and she fell backwards into the shelf, knocked a bottle of milk over, slipped in the milk and remained motionless on the floor.

I found this all so funny that I was practically wetting myself. Then I realised I was probably going to get arrested for murder.



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