Godus V2 Review 2


Well the update finally arrived for Godus! And now the game is practically unplayable. Don’t get me wrong, some of the changes they made are definitely for the better.

But a lot got worse too.

The cool noise you heard when you opened a chest? That’s been removed. The annoying noise when you finish collecting Belief? That stayed! And they’ve now added more annoying sounds to accompany it. If you send someone out to build a house, they now shout, “building!” every time, and sometimes randomly for the hell of it.

That plus the game is still, if not even more buggy, so now the sounds get stuck… we get to hear them over and over again! Yay!

But it’s not a completely negative review. Here are the changes I like:

  • Card system revamped and all the better for it.
  • Land is now easier to sculpt.
  • The people are more interesting and do more than just sit in their houses all day, like collect coconuts, or sit around camp fires.
  • Settlements are now prettier and more defined.
  • Less bugs (so far) concerning land expansions.
  • Storms no longer destroy practically every building every night.
  • The God awful AI have been removed entirely and replaced with a different mini game system.

However, here are the changes I don’t like:

  • Card ‘stickers’ get extremely thin on the ground, and you have to rely on the horrible mini game to get most of them.
  • The horrible mini game.
  • The sounds.
  • The fact it now takes about ten minutes to make a small house, and the builders often go home and sleep.
  • People in settlements need to be assigned jobs… but you leave them alone for a while and they end up unemployed for no apparent reason.
  • The fact that halfway through playing the game again, they incorporated new changes such as “you can’t move that land yet.” I’d already moved the land… now I have houses stuck up there.
  • Any houses behind shrines will not be clickable. Trust me. I’ve tried.
  • The inability to move higher up land, to gain any more stickers and to progress any further will make you faceplant your keyboard.
  • The game crashing every. single. time. you try to quit… and sometimes even when you don’t!

I’m seriously hoping the next update will improve the improvements they tried to improve the last game with.

And fast!



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