The Cow Safety and Entertainment Officer Dream

In a regular office building, an alien was on the loose. As an alien catcher, appointed by the Doctor himself, my colleague and I were there for work purposes. He was a fish type species (as is common in Doctor Who) and he was extremely fast. However, it turned out he wasn’t the only one.

Just as we were being chased by an alien witch, my boyfriend called me.

“Now’s really not the time!”

“But I got a new job!”

“That’s great, but I’m really busy right now!” I yelled back. A bolt of lightning struck the wall just above my head, and I dropped my phone. No time to pick it up, just keep running.

We came to a dead end on the corridor. Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. It was like a modern day cowboy duel. Me and my partner, and a few feet away was the witch. She threw lightning again and it shattered the window behind us.

Suddenly… the happiest cow you’ve ever seen appeared in the window gap.

Yeah… really.

And my boyfriend was riding it.

Without stopping to ask, we jumped onto the cow, and slid down the windows. The cow was…absailing.

I hugged my boyfriend for his impeccable timing. On his uniform was a little badge that read, “Cow Safety and Entertainment Officer.” He pointed at it proudly. So this was his new job.

I’m wondering how long it will be now before a psychiatrist stumbles across my blog and gets me sectioned.


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