The Execution Dream

The girl was to be executed. I knew it. Only if a member of the Council died in her place would she be allowed to live.

None of the elders would surrender their lives. They were all too high and mighty, too up themselves.

I knew it had to be me. The only other non-elder of the Council was my boyfriend, and I sure as hell wasn’t letting him do it.

We sat around the round table and discussed the matter at hand. I thought about death, how sad everything was. And I changed my mind.

The dream moved forward in time, and I was with the little girl. We were on the run, hiding in my old school. She crept into the assembly hall where a grand wedding was taking place. She snuck underneath the cover of the cream banners and silken chairs until she found the black kitten. She picked it up and broke her cover, running back towards me as fast as her little feet could carry her… and followed by a line of angry wedding guests.

So we went on the run again – me and the little girl, with a kitten by the name of Bella hidden under my jacket.


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