The Zombie Dream

I was at work behind the bar with my boss when they started coming in. They were like ordinary people, only they looked as though grey water had been thrown over them. Their eyes were grey, their hair was matted and their fingertips were black. They reached these fingers out towards my manager, walking sluggishly up the step and behind the bar.

I stood in the corner, avoiding them. I knew exactly what they were. “Don’t let them touch your skin!” I hissed at her. She listened. But when the place was crawling with them, she didn’t see one of them. As the woman touched her forearm she said, “Oh. Well that’s me done then.” She dropped the glass she’d been holding and sat down, waiting for her impending greyness.

I ran. It turns out the bar I’d started working in was part of a big shopping centre (who knew?) and literally all of the shops beyond the bar were fine. Everyone was normal. I felt relieved.

Until I realised someone had quarantined the entire centre. There was no escape. We were all trapped.

I and a few others took refuge in a second floor shop. Slowly, the disease took over more and more people. While we were in there, I asked my parents, “does this mean it’s okay to take whatever clothes we want, for free?” They looked surprised and shook their heads. Well I wanted new clothes, so I headed over to New Look.

I never quite made it. In the corridor, simply standing there, was my boss. She looked up at me with her cold eyes and outstretched her blackened hand. I froze as she reached out towards me. She was still in there, and she recognised me. She knew what she was doing as she reached out and touched my hand. She knew.

My arm turned cold under her fingertips. I shivered and pulled away, horrified.

Not that it mattered.

A few minutes after I contracted the disease, the sprinkler system began. Only it wasn’t just water that sprayed in every single building in the shopping centre. It was the grey water.

I felt it soak into my clothes, into my very being. It slid down into my eyes, and even when I shook my head clear, the greyness remained.

I felt the hunger and the desperation churning in my stomach… but it did not overwhelm me. My mind remained intact and I had control of my body. So my eyesight was now awful – that was nothing new. Maybe this wasn’t so bad after all!

Though one thing was now clear – this was no accident. I figured I needed to tell someone, especially seeing as the only thing different about me were my eyes and fingers. Maybe I held an antibody within me.

So of course I did what any law abiding Zombie would do.

I went to New Look.



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