This was a poem I wrote for Coursework in my first year. My tutor hated it… but I didn’t think it was that bad =( It was meant to be cheesy!

All consuming, ever famished.
Greedily gorging, cannot vanquish.
Invisible yet everywhere,
taking lives without care.
Leaving only destruction in his wake,
but friendship and feelings he cannot take.
He knows not life, he knows not death,
for he is no corpse, yet has no breath.
As new as us, as old as time,
a creature of fear, a creature sublime.
And should you ever chance to meet
this creature that so likes to eat
the souls of every living thing,
you cannot pray, you cannot sing
of the deities that gave you hope.
They turn away, they watch you choke,
for even they cannot contend
with that which brings everything’s end.
Your lives have led up to do this day,
when he would lead you far away
beyond the realm of life and light,
into the dark beyond our sight.
And so when your time comes to die,
do not fight or flee or fly.
Accept him in with welcome arms,
and look back on your life’s old charms.
And smile as you step through the veil,
for all stories must end, and my, what a tale.


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