The Magical T-Rex Wizard Dream

In a Spyro-type version of reality, I took part in one of the mini games to earn more gems. There was a T-Rex blocking my path to the next room, with rows and rows of tables between us. The T-rex wasn’t much taller than me – it was a midget T-Rex! Poor thing. Maybe living in such a crowded room stunted its growth.

There were two humans – one male, one female – sat at two of the desks, facing each other as they wrote. The curly-haired woman alerted the T-Rex to my presence. From then on he was determined to catch me… but he couldn’t destroy the tables, only move them one at a time. And for a T-Rex, that’s harder than it sounds.

Neverless, it was a still a friggin’ dinosaur, so I hid behind the tables and edged my way behind the curly haired woman, who made no attempt to stop me from doing so, but carried on with her paperwork.

The T-Rex got distracted by the glint of the man’s pen, and like an overgrown cat he chased the reflection. I took the opportunity to run past him to the next room. There was another T-Rex in there, and this one was wearing armour – supposedly the leader of all dino kind.

The T-Rex from the previous room came and stood beside me. As the armoured dinosaur turned in our direction, the one next to me transformed me into a silver woolly puppet. The leader inspected this magical wizard T-Rex. He whistled innocently as he cradled puppet me in his tiny arms until the King moved on.

My new ally returned me back to normal, but this time I had armour on too. And it was absolutely beautiful armour. It was perfectly polished – so shiny the reflection was like that of a calm lake, with lagoon blue jewels swirling in gorgeous patterns across the breastplate.

I loved it, but it was uncomfortably hot in it, so I made my way to my High School in the hope of getting it off. I had to avoid King T-Rex, who now seemed convinced I was one of them, only with incredible long arms with opposable thumbs.

I walked past one of the Science labs. The door was wide open so I walked in. Many of my teachers were convened in there. They simultaneously stopped talking and gawked at me, transfixed by the armour. I said, “I know this is a bit weird… but can someone help me get out of this?”

I took a seat near the front of the class, taking off some of the many components of the armour, starting at the wrists. One of the teachers grabbed my left leg, the other my right. They tugged at the shin plates until it felt like my legs would tear off.


…And that’s where my dream cut out. Sorry to disappoint! But feel free to comment and carry it on if you can think of anything crazy enough!


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