The Cupcakes and Chases Dream

A group of us were off to London. Why? To do Science! I booked us a room at the Holiday Inn. We arrived, unpacked, and decided to go see the sights.
So naturally we ended up in a posh cake shop down the road. They sold amazing slushies of all flavours, and various types of cupcakes. My boyfriend (being the brony that he is) wanted the Rainbow Dash type cupcake. So I bought him the £4 giant thing, and we shared it. The ridiculous amount of multicoloured icing was quite sickly, but overall it was a good cake.
Anyway, enough about my cake fantasies. You want the action.
Soon after the cake, my boyfriend and another friend got into a car and drove off without me. Well screw you, I thought. I have the hotel key card!
Only I didn’t. I’d forgotten to pick it up.
No worries, I’d just go to reception and ask them to let me in.
Just as I took a step, a hand touched my arm. It was my other friend (who for the purposes of this dream shall be called Amy).
Amy looked alarmed, but before I could ask her what was wrong, she and a boy guided me through the streets of London until we reached a deserted park.
She stopped and said to me in a low voice, “we’re being followed.”
“Someone doesn’t want us doing the experiments.”
“It doesn’t matter. But the hotel isn’t safe, the room’s bugged.”
I heard a low growl from far away. I looked around the seemingly empty park, feeling the eyes on us.
Behind a tree in the distance, something shifted. Something leaped out and ran in our direction. It was much bigger than a human… and yet human in shape. We looked at each other, and then ran.
It raced towards us on all fours, snarling angrily. And it was gaining on us.
We made it to the road, where a meat van was loading up. We jumped in the back, closed the doors and Amy yelled, “drive!”
To my surprise, the driver did as he was commanded.
Once we were well clear of the park, the driver turned to us and said, “right, what can I get you?”
Amy cheered up instantly and asked for a bacon sandwich. The boy asked for the same. I was too surprised and suspicious to order mine. The driver kept glancing at his cohort in the front seat. I didn’t trust him.
But even if he did betray us, I can say one thing in his defence: For a man in a van, he did make damn good bacon sandwiches.


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