The Dinner Party Dream

I stole a sandwich from Sainsburys for Johnny Depp. I know, I shouldn’t have done it. I knew it was a bad omen from the moment I escaped the security guard.
That night, we watched from our hotel window as a FlyBe plane flew low into a thunderstorm. We thought it made it out. But then engine caught fire, and it crashed down into the city and exploded.
We were evacuated. I went to my real mum’s house (wait… I was adopted?!) where I stole some candles while we waited for my sister’s dinner party.
They told me to go freshen up, so I went upstairs to find some clean clothes. I took out the underwear drawer and emptied its contents all over the floor.
Suddenly, my legs felt really itchy. I shook them, and hundreds of little spiders fell off, crawling amongst the underwear.
It wasn’t pleasant.
The party was actually a pretty big event, about a big launch of something or other. We went out on the domed roof at one point to watch the event in person, but it was too cold and we weren’t out for long.
The party was full of celebrities, like Emma Watson and Domhnall Gleeson. The celebs played a game called, “I bet I could steal your wife,” and they wrote on the walls behind them how they would do it.
I made friends with a lot of people that night… but they all left me on my own as soon as they found someone else.
I walked past the reception desk, and one of the men behind it stopped me and asked for my name.
“No, Claire. Though I can be Kairi if you want.”
He proceeded to ask me if I had Elder Scrolls Online. I said no, and he shook his head in sheer disappointment. I picked up on of the PS4 controllers on the desk, and yanked it apart. Apparently the two halves were magnetic.


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