The Shark Infested Train Dream

I was swimming in the middle of the ocean, as you do. It was a beautifully calm day on the azure sea. I held onto a rock with the girl I was swimming with as we caught our breath and took in the sights.
A few metres away, we saw a fin… no, two. A dolphin leapt out of the water, closely followed by a shark. The dolphin grabbed onto a ledge with its mouth, just as the shark’s jaw encased the dolphin’s tail.
I looked at the person next to me, then back at these two overgrown fish, hanging off a cliff like Mufasa’s death scene.
Eventually the shark let go and plopped back into the water. That’s when we started to worry.
We saw the fin coming directly for us, but then swerve a little as it found another dolphin. They got dangerously close to us.
That’s when the train fell over. At first it sort of sat on top of the water, but then it started to sink. People milled out of the windows and tried to keep it afloat. Me and the girl just continued to stare.
I was surprised the shark was too preoccupied to noticed the dozens of fresh juicy humans in his habitat. I guessed he just had a thing for dolphins.
Eventually, just as the train was starting to tip, I swam over to help. Somehow I must have had superhuman strength, or just have been the last amount of energy needed to right the train… I’m going to go with the first one.
We began to carry and swim the train in the hope of finding land (don’t ask how the train got there in the first place).
But the further we went on, the more the train sank. I was worried about all the elderly and children and any non-swimmers who were still sat in the train. Eventually, almost everyone lost their grip, or it became to heavy as the water gushed inside.
I was the only one left holding on, and the train was swirling around me in a circle, crushing me, dragging me under. It seemed I could breathe underwater, but what use was that if I was stuck under the wreckage of a train and its passengers?
And it would only be a matter of time before more fierce-some underwater predators than the previous shark found us.
There was nothing I could do but succumb.


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