The Survival Dream

Another Zombie dream (sorry guys, I swear I’m not obsessed!) Almost everyone I knew contracted the disease in this one. The world was in turmoil and close to collapse, and I was one of the very few left who hadn’t turned.
I snuck into a posh private school with underground classrooms. I had been sent a message about this place holding the final safe haven, and I hoped they were right.
In one of the rooms I found a class of children studying at old-fashioned desks as if the world outside wasn’t anything but ordinary. They all had their white shirt, black tie uniforms on, and all turned their heads to me as I walked through the door.
Their teacher recognised me instantly, and sprung into action. She clapped her hands and told seven of the pupils to stand up and follow us.
She led us to a cupboard-like room, just off from the class. It had a secure steel door, and steel barred walls. However, if you looked close enough you could still see through into the room beyond. Still, it was better than outside.
The teacher handed us all provisions; food, drink, anti-disease gloves with touchscreen-capable fingertips, light up trainers to help us run faster if we needed to… etc.
We heard a bang from above. They were here.
This was the point where the last person I knew who was truly alive decided to do that whole martyr thing you see in movies and think, “why? You don’t need to sacrifice yourself!”
He left us the food and drink, but took the other provisions. He gave me a final hug farewell, and left.
The zombies filed into the hallway in a line. Some of the other schoolchildren were amongst them. They turned and sniffed in our direction. Someone next to me rustled their bag, and I shot them a look. We were silent after that.
The Zombies were trying to look through the bars, but not succeeding very well. Until the teacher said something along the lines of, “you won’t get us in here, undead scum,” and I think I legitimately facepalmed in my dream.
An old woman got closer then, and stuck her arms between the bars, my friend’s gloves covering her hands. She hissed a laugh, knowing I’d understood what happened.
I grew angry, pulling at the gloves and yelling, “give them back!” When I’d retrieved them, I grabbed the pair of shoes tied together at the laces and started bashing at her arms with them. She withdrew. But she was still smiling creepily, and it was then I realised she’d been giving me a hint. Barely a few seconds later, I saw my friend in the window.
Oops. We had a window.
He was looking in, looking the same as usual, only his eyes were vacant. He bashed the window with his hands, and the window cracked. Then he shoved his head through, and it shattered.
However, in the process, a piece of the glass managed to behead him. And then erm… a chipmunk popped out from the decapitated body.
From beyond the wall, I heard another body shatter, and the hum of wings appear. Suddenly I was in the mind of the chipmunk, running free with my bird friend to live a life of peace and happiness, with no humans in sight.


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