Anyone Else?

These are a few things in my life that other people have often deemed weird, and it got me wondering if anyone else has these traits/habits in their life? Brace yourself… you’re about to learn a lot about the awkward side of me!

– Writing over talking.
I absolutely suck at talking. I get tongue-tied, I stutter, I talk too fast. I mishear what other people say, I go bright red and generally suck at small talk. That’s not to say I don’t like hanging out with people… I’m just not all that good at it.
Writing, however, I can do. And I like to think I do it well. It means I have time to think over what I say before I say it, and potentially cause offence or dig a hole I don’t want to be sat in. If I’m talking about emotional subjects, I get choked up and can’t make any sound… but with writing I really get down how I feel.
It’s my release.

– Eye Contact.
Something else I’m rubbish at. For some reason, whether it be in a one on one conversation or just walking past a stranger on the street, eye contact makes me feel uncomfortable. And yet it’s an important part of a conversation (unless you’re blind or have a lazy eye, I guess). If we don’t make eye contact, we appear disinterested… and yet looking at someone for too long makes it feel like they’re gazing into my soul. It’s disconcerting!

– Straightening Things.
If something is wonky, out of place or not on properly, I have to sort it. The little urge will literally nag at my brain until something’s done about it. The same happens with glass collecting at work. If I see empty glasses lying about the place, I have the insatiable urge to pick them up and take them to the bar. Guess I’m slightly OCD!

– Making lists for Everything
I would be completely lost without my lists. I have lists for books I want to read, shopping lists, birthday and Christmas present lists, to-do lists, spending lists, random lists… the lot. I’m a listaholic.

– Workaholic.
If I have nothing to do, I get bored. That’s not to say I have no hobbies – Hell, I have them by the bucketful. But if I had nothing steady to do throughout everyday life (like education or a job) I’d lose the plot. I always like finding stuff to do or taking more stuff on, because there’s nothing worse than standing or sitting around doing f-all.
I’m currently working on the current edition of my Uni’s Creative Writing magazine The Writer’s Quibble and doing work experience with proper writing work for a marketing company called Inside Out Creative, who are awesome for taking me on. Then there’s my weekend bar job, making arrangements for travelling home for Summer and making costumes for my Disney themed 20th birthday (I am such a grown-up) (I shall also be blogging about these costumes soon – watch this space!)
So yeah, I’m busy! But that won’t stop me getting stressed and complaining about my workload.

Please feel free to comment any weird stuff you do or if you do the above too – make me feel better about myself!


2 thoughts on “Anyone Else?

  1. I am very similar on all these points! One thing that helped me get better at speaking somewhat eloquently is reading my own writing aloud (when nobody else is around). Matching my thoughts and my feelings with my actual words has helped me be more clear when speaking, and it has helped me better match up what I want to say and how to say it.


    1. We get told to practise reading our Coursework aloud to help us notice when things don’t quite sound right, but I never thought about practising speech with it. Bit daft of me really. Thanks for the tip!


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