The Rescue the Princess Dream

So an old friend of mine got a new job. That was great… only it was such a dodgy sounding job I had to go check it out.
She was working in an exotic shop, selling all sorts of things for the average drug user and incense burner. There was already a crowd of people seated in the shop, and I joined them. My friend seemed nervous, but she managed to keep her voice even as she said, “if anybody feels uncomfortable with this, please leave.” She went to remove her top, at which point I shouted, “yep! Me,” and bolted for the door.
Outside, everyone from my High School year were out doing some kind of weird group line dance, but it looked quite fun. It was more fun than being in that dodgy shop anyway. I joined in for a bit, but it was already nearing the end.
It turned out we were in the courtyard of the King. I was with Gwaine from BBC’s Merlin, and we were trying to figure out how to free the princess from the King’s tyranny. In fact, there were a lot of us trying to do so. I was part of this rebel alliance, only I had no idea what was going on.
A woman in rags lay down with Gwaine and told him he would impregnate her one day. He was absolutely fine with that, and they went off to fulfil her little prophecy.
I on the other hand, realised my bedroom window was one window higher and to the left of the princess’. I threw down a quick note in highlighter pen, and surprisingly she sent a note back. We swiftly became pen pals, and I was the only person she would ever write back to. But soon the King cottoned on. He became nosey. He wanted to see all the notes that passed between us, but couldn’t arrest us because he had no proof of the treason we were trying to commit.
One hot day, the Princess and I were both in the courtyard, enjoying the sunshine and ignoring each other’s presence for the sake of secrecy. The King knew, though. He watched us like a hawk, and saw the Princess give me an elegant Chinese scroll with her latest note on. Before I could read it, he snatched it out of my hand. As he unravelled it, I saw a small box TV at the edge of the courtyard. Written on it were the words “Starlight + Parveen + Madge.” I knew it was a call to action… but I had no idea what it meant.
Straight after though, a group of people began singing Starlight by the Supermen Lovers. Action broke out, and as the King angrily stomped over to me, I calmly but quickly walked over to the Princess, grabbed her by the arm and frogmarched her away. A friend of mine, who’d been talking to the Princess, stood glaring at me, knowing what I was up to. She’d never forgive me.
And I was right. The next day I went shopping with my boyfriend to a shop I’d created in a previous dream. It was an awesome shop, always filled with my kind of clothes, and always within budget. He’d gone to the second floor way before me, so I went upstairs to find him. The staircase had a mirrored wall, so I saw their reflection before them. It was my ex friend, out with my boyfriend’s ex. They saw me and made “ugh” noises until I passed them and one of them said, “what a gimp.” I laughed at their poor attempt to make me feel small.
I found my boyfriend, and we continued shopping.
I don’t know what happened to the Princess.


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