Yet Another Zombie Dream

This is the third Zombie dream. I don’t even like Zombie stuff! Damnit brain, get your act together.

I was in my room at University, laughing at a half bald, six foot man shouting his inebriated love for a woman a few windows across from me. Strangely enough he didn’t seem to be getting very far with it.
A voice called in my head. I knew it was the dragon (The John Hurt one from Merlin). I sighed and got up. I went to the nearest forest, where I sat down and waited for him to arrive. He did, but he was angry, and he blew flames and scorched my entire right arm.
Before I could scream, I woke up. The dragon was stood watching me. My arm was unharmed. “Let that be a warning to you,” he said.
Oh it was a warning alright.
He told me important days were coming, and I needed to be ready. That when the time came, it would all be down to me.
So when the time came, and people were slowly dying and coming back to life, Gaius and I hid in my old primary school. He said to me, “if you’d truly known me all these years, you’d know where I’d hidden the secrets in this bag.” When I remained impassive, he sighed, grabbed a knife and cut the inner layer of his Tesco rucksack. He pulled out a laptop and a smartphone.
…Only it wasn’t me. As soon as the items had been given away, something activated in the imposter. Their eyes went glassy and they began to sing, fire, fire they all burn away, in a creepy little girl’s voice.
The real me burst through the door to see Gaius, shoulders slumped and utterly defeated. He told me I needed to find the code, but only told me that it had a lot of fours in it.
He told me it was of the utmost importance and that I was the last hope. Again, people telling me I had a great responsibility but not telling me what to do with it!
Once scary little girl me had killed him, I ran. I ran through various classrooms and hallways filled with little children and their teachers. None of these had turned. Yet. But it was only a matter of time.
Unless I could find the code.


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