Megara Costume

This was my costume. When we pulled the names out of a hat I had to decide between Megara and Ariel. And here we are.

– Approx 2 metres of Lavender material.
– 1 metre of Plum material.
– 1 purple zip.
– 2 big brown buttons.


Approximate cost: £10 (With Gladiator sandals, £20)

Dress measurements:

– Length (Shoulder to ankle)
– Shoulder to boob
– Shoulder to armpit
– Chest
– Waist
– Hips


Please note: the template for the straps aren’t on here. I somehow managed to lose them.

Belts etc:
– Underboob
– Hips

The front part of the dress I found particularly difficult to do. Making the pleats and shaping it better to my body was easy, but making the top part of the dress look ruffled and less straight edged was infuriating. Nevertheless, here’s how it turned out:


And here’s me!



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