Prince Ali, Fabulously Made Him a Costume

So for my birthday party we decided to be very grown up and dress up as Disney characters. Only for some insane reason we made the costumes ourselves. I figured you guys might want to see the process of an amateur tailor!

– Approx 2 metres of white cotton.
– 1 metre of Purple cotton.
– 1/2 metre red (any).
– A tiny bit of Yellow cotton.
– 1x white zip.


Total average cost: £10

I won’t put the exact measurements down as we made them specifically for certain people, but here’s what we measured for each part:

– Shoulder length
– Armpit to shoulder
– chest
– back
– neck


We created these templates based on the measurements and cut the material around them. The smaller panels needs to be cut out twice to make the front parts of the waistcoat.

– Waist

– waist
– ankle
– length of leg


These were so funny to make, mostly because they look like… well… you know.
So fold the white cotton in half, put this template on it with the straight edge on the fold and cut around the other sides so that when you open it, ta-da! You have the front or the back half of your pants.
When that’s done, hand sew a yellow patch onto the right leg.

And here’s the finished products:




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