Cinderfella Costume

Although it wasn’t used on the night, we made Cinderella’s work dress, and we were quite impressed with it!
Just call us Jaq and Gus!

– Approx 2 metres of dark brown.
– 1 metre of white cotton.
– 1 metre of light blue.
– 1 brown zip.


Approximate cost: £14

Dress measurements

– Chest
– Waist
– Length (Shoulder to Ankle)
– Hips
– Shoulder to armpit
– Shoulder to waist
– Waist to hips

Half all the width measurements and fold the material when cutting.



– Shoulder to wrist
– Width of top of arm
– Width of wrist

Apron Measurements

– Hips
– Hips to just above the ankles

Then cut a thin strip to attach to the front of the apron.


Bandana Measurements

– Ear to ear
– Hairline to back of head

Pretty straightforward. Again, you need a thin strip to make the bandana tie-able.


And here’s the finished product! Note: The fabulous model wearing it was not the intended wearer… but he still looks fabulous in it!




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