The Pirates Vs Businessmen Dream

I was in the cast of a brand new, ground-breaking play at the X-Men institute. It was set to be the latest 21st Century masterpiece. We all gathered in an abandoned cathedral to decide who was playing what. The two leading actors got to choose who they wanted on either side of the battle. Our team chose a doctor character, but couldn’t decide between Wolverine or Ryan Reynolds. Out of all the candidates, the other team wanted one of these guys too, so whoever we didn’t choose they would get. So we chose Hugh Jackman and his bulging biceps.
We were now split into our two rival teams: pirates and businessmen. I rather liked my pinstriped suit. It was snazzy.
The pirates managed to make their half of the cathedral look like the stern of a ship, whilst ours was decked out to look like offices.
We watched their performance as we waited for our part to begin. It was mildly amusing.
A friend of mine raced to hug her pirate boyfriend, only for him to dash past her and shout, “‘scuse me miss. You’re in my way.” It made us giggle. And that was bad. Because they were winning.
Their costumes were brilliant too. These were kind of gothy pirates, with all their guyliner and black leather. We watched as a man we thought was on our side burst out of his pirate costume to reveal his business suit underneath and say, “haha! I lied! I’m not one of you!” (Seriously, I’m an amazing playwright in my dreams. You couldn’t come up with genius lines like this in real life) and we all cheered at his double agency.
Then it was our performance. And the ancient and legendary battle of Pirates vs Businessmen began. Or rather, it would have, if my damn alarm hadn’t gone off.


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