The Judgemental Sheep Dream

There was a big celebration taking place. Beforehand, everyone was given a card with random animals on it, and those animals appeared in their houses. Back at my home, we had two lambs bouncing around the place.
We had a barbecue party in our back garden (which had somehow grown to comfortably sit about fifty of us) where they announced the latest competition: to design a 3D model to go on the outside of a building.
I had very limited knowledge of animation, but I decided to make my model out of plasticine. It was a bizarre creation, consisting of hot air balloons and a T-Rex. I remember watching a video of someone making a decent scene for an animation, and I tried to copy their style.
I don’t know if I won or not, but my design went up on the building. And it was breathtaking. Our new little lamb friends began to bleat, “Claire! Claire! Claire!” and jumped in the air with each word. But that chant started to change into, “cheat! Cheat! Cheat!”
I was being told off by lambs. And they wouldn’t hush. How dare they think I’d cheated!
An old friend of mine stood looking at my design jealously. We nodded to each other in acknowledgement. He was a curly haired boy, and for many reasons I had forgotten his name. He seemed young and harmless but he was the exact opposite. He was much older than he looked. Hundreds of years older, in fact. And he had done so many terrible things.
We sat together inside the building, listening to a lecturer discuss some subject or other. He introduced my friend as the new boy.
I said to him, “do you remember when you opened up that restaurant in Que Pasa?
He smiled at me and kissed his fingers in a mock Italian style. It had been a damn good restaurant.
“I did it for you,” he said. “I’d do that for you a thousand times over.”
I looked away. As he silenced the lecturer and everyone in the room, I realised I really shouldn’t be getting involved with him again. But also that I had no choice in the matter.


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