And The Winner Is…

Toothless! Yay! I best start stocking up on black material…

Thanks to all for voting!
Thanks to all for voting!

If anyone wants to see the finished cosplay in person, I’ll hopefully be attending MCM Expo London – probably the May weekend. Would love to meet some fellow dragons or dragon riders! 😀


How To Train Your Adult Not To Cry 2

The announcement came that there would be a second How To Train Your Dragon, and I believe I was more excited than any child ever was. I turned up at the cinema armed with my boyfriend, my boyfriend’s nine year old sister, and my Toothless plushie.
Yeah, really.
The film went ridiculously quick compared to most films I’ve seen in the cinema (but I’m used to Marvel films, The Hobbitses and the Hunger Games, so that was understandable). But every second of it was beautiful.
Without giving much away for those who haven’t seen it (and why haven’t you seen it yet? You’ve had plenty of time, hop to it!), it was even better than the first one. Toothless gets a hell of a lot more airtime doing all sorts of cute cat-like things, to the point that when I left the cinema, my whole being ached for dragons to be real. I needed Toothless in my life. For real.
In other words, it was good.
There is a whole load of new dragons, and one in particular is almost as cute as Toothless… although we all know that’s impossible.
His name is Cloudjumper. He acts almost like Toothless’ serious older brother, and their relationship is absolutely adorable.

Cloudjumper and Toothless
Cloudjumper and Toothless

But there was one particular scene that I’m always going to choke up on, no matter how many times I rewatch it (and believe me I will). Some stuff happens. Sad stuff. So sad that I was sat in the cinema, surrounded by dry-eyed children, tears streaming down my face. I would have been full on sobbing if it wasn’t for my dignity. I would not break down in front of a room full of children!
And thank God for 3D glasses making me look cool and unemotional when I was an utter wreck inside.

All I can say is good job, Dreamworks. I may need rehab but at least you created another masterpiece. Easily the best film of the year.

#FP Comfy Dreams

These past two weeks of my #FP journey have consisted (mostly) of images I find comfortable or relaxing. Hopefully in this incredible heatwave, they make you feel the same way!







Cosplay Help!

I’m determined to get into Cosplay properly. I’ve only ever really made simple cosplays. I’m a complete and utter amateur, but I’m eager to give it a go. One problem though:


I have so many ideas but I want to do all of them! So I’d like you guys to help me out. I’ve compiled a list of characters I want to cosplay. All I need you lovely people to do is vote! And of course I’d blog my process, no matter how disastrous!

(By the way, I meant 2008 version of Prince of Persia, not 2003. My bad ^^)

Thanks for the help! Give yourself a cookie 🙂

Scout Cosplay… Complete With Panda

My boyfriend has lately gotten re-obsessed with Team Fortress 2… So he cosplayed as Scout for Manchester MCM Expo this year.

Materials and Purchases:

Black hat: £4 (Peacocks)
Foam Baseball bat: £2 (Local pound shop)
Long white socks:(My sock drawer)
Headset: £7.49 (Argos)
Red T-Shirt: £3 (Primark)
Three-quarter lengths: (Already owned)
Bandages x2: 58p (Tesco)
Bag: (Already owned)
Shoes: (Already owned)

Total Spends: £17.07

It may not have been a difficult or expensive cosplay, but it was effective.
Unfortunately, being a TF2 fan, he was determined to wear more than just the one hat. Despite bring four or five with him, he only chose to wear the proper hat… and this panda one:



Ugh. Men, eh?

Dawn: Contrast Cosplay

As soon as I saw the trailer for Contrast I wanted to play it. I loved the concept of the game and the visuals were stunning. So I decided to cosplay as Dawn for this year’s Manchester MCM Expo.

Materials and Purchases:

Black boob tube: £4 (
Black and white striped leggings: £8 (
Yellow Material: £2.99 per square metre (Derby Market)
Black braces: Already owned (Primark)
Black boots: Already owned (Primark)
Black scarf: £3 (Primark)
Black shorts: My own, no idea how much they cost (Probably Primark, possibly Dorothy Perkins)
Red underbust corset: £12.99 (
Long black gloves: £5 (Local fancy dress shop)
Black hair dye: £4 (Bodycare)
Orange and yellow eyeshadow: £4 (Superdrug)
Pink blusher: £2.99 (Superdrug)
Fake eyelashes: £3.85 (ASDA)
Buttons and ribbon to decorate.


Total spends: £50.72

And minimal sewing! We only had to sew the yellow material to the boob tube, and the little details I wanted to add for perfectionist purposes (the buttons, ribbon, and pattern on the shorts, the buttons and white paint on the braces and the buttons on the gloves).

The altered parts of the costume
The altered parts of the costume

I would have bought a wig instead of hair dye, but hair dye is cheaper, and I couldn’t find one in the right style anyway.
It seems quite expensive at first (though nothing compared to some costumes), but I’ll reuse most of the stuff, especially the corset and the leggings.

Make-up wise, I started with my usual foundation, then brushed talcum powder over my face to look pale enough for the pink to show. I layered my eyelids with yellow and orange eyeshadow and then used felt tip eyeliner and gel eyeliner, before putting on fake eyelashes and the pink cheek stuff.
I’m no expert with make-up, but I was quite pleased with what I achieved:


And this is the final product:


A big thanks to the Expo for being epic, and all the amazing costumes I saw with so much work put into them, including Rimmer and Mr. Flibbles, Blackthorn Morgana, Booker Dewitt and Gentleman Deadpool.
Plus I met Andrew-Lee Potts, who said, “Cool costume!” So I was happy 😀


The Don’t Starve Dream

I was running around in the world of Don’t Starve. How awesome is that! I was dreaming in a Tim Burton cartoon kind of style. My quest was to find something to keep my boyfriend warm, who would die of pneumonia if I didn’t get him something in time.
I decided he could use something more permanent than a fire. I set out to find the materials to make a fur bed for him to sleep in, but I couldn’t see any rabbits anywhere. To the left of my collapsed boyfriend was the sea. It looked like oil, and unsurprisingly it would kill me instantly. How did I know? Well it had skull symbols all over it, and we all know that means insta-death in a game.
So I went right instead. The only option was to follow the spiral path up the mountain. It was extremely slippery, and the mountain was surrounded by the slick black sea. One slip would be fatal, and if I died, so would my boyfriend. I couldn’t let that happen. I couldn’t have that on my conscience.
So I decided not to take the risk. I walked back to our starting place, only to find him wrapped up in a duvet, with rabbits hopping about next to him and a roaring fire by his feet.

Needless to say I woke up with an urge to play Don’t Starve and the overwhelming desire to push the duvet hogger out of the bed.