The Exterminate Dream

In a large abandoned office complex, we were divided into teams of four. These teams changed every night, when the number of casualties rose and people were left without team mates. We were designated a room to each team as our base. As soon as all of these formalities were sorted, it began.
We were being hunted. For the thrill of the sport. People were watching us – over a hundred people – by some of the fiercest creatures in the galaxy.
During the daytime we had to contend with the Daleks. They weren’t easy to escape from, especially with their heat sensors. They easily killed forty of us a day. But for some reason, they left us alone if we appeared to be asleep.
At night, we weren’t so lucky.
I saw the sun setting in the distance, and one of my male team mates was enveloped in shadow. Instantaneously, his flesh was ripped from his body, and his bones fell with a clatter to the ground. I screamed.
Vashta Nerada.
There was nowhere to run. Everywhere had shadows, and nowhere had decent lighting. We were in a forest, all alone.
We ran. We ran so far, and for so long, until the moonlight was difficult to see. Now we were alone AND lost.
Eventually we heard the klaxon sound from about a mile away, as the sun broke through the trees. We headed back in the direction of the noise to be reassigned a new team member.
I just knew he wouldn’t be as resourceful as the last one. I expected to hate him. Maybe he would be useful as Vashta bait. So imagine my surprise when my previous team mate turned up, alive and well, ready for day two.
Barrowman! *Shakes fist*


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