Scout Cosplay… Complete With Panda

My boyfriend has lately gotten re-obsessed with Team Fortress 2… So he cosplayed as Scout for Manchester MCM Expo this year.

Materials and Purchases:

Black hat: £4 (Peacocks)
Foam Baseball bat: £2 (Local pound shop)
Long white socks:(My sock drawer)
Headset: £7.49 (Argos)
Red T-Shirt: £3 (Primark)
Three-quarter lengths: (Already owned)
Bandages x2: 58p (Tesco)
Bag: (Already owned)
Shoes: (Already owned)

Total Spends: £17.07

It may not have been a difficult or expensive cosplay, but it was effective.
Unfortunately, being a TF2 fan, he was determined to wear more than just the one hat. Despite bring four or five with him, he only chose to wear the proper hat… and this panda one:



Ugh. Men, eh?


2 thoughts on “Scout Cosplay… Complete With Panda

    1. We only saw one other (female) Scout, but then on the Facebook groups after the event, we saw a whole group of TF2 cosplayers! Disappointed we didn’t find them 😦 But thank you very much, I shall pass the compliment on to him 🙂 Good luck getting your boyfriend off the computer!


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