The Party Dragon Dream

It was my birthday. I woke up late and realised I’d missed half the day. I opened my curtains to see a dragon curled up in the garden. Not just any dragon though; Toothless. I gasped, and as I did so, he lifted his head and looked at me. He unfurled his mighty wings, got to his feet… and began stepping from side to side. He was dancing.
…It was then that I noticed it wasn’t really Toothless at all. It was a costume, and two familiar looking people were wearing it, flapping their arms about frantically to keep up the charade. Shame Toothless’ face was stuck in the same expression. But still, it was an impressive costume.
They seemed to notice I had discovered their presence, so they discarded the costume. Two friends of mine from a time long since passed, here to celebrate my birthday. It didn’t matter that the Toothless wasn’t real. I had started to believe in magic once again.
I raced downstairs to thank them, and look at the costume in more detail. The head was expertly carved, but from close up the paintwork was a little shabby. As I picked it up, the paint smeared a little on the ears. They had finished it recently then.
After spending a while on the trampoline, we went out on a night on the town. It was raining and cold, but that couldn’t dampen my spirits. Then suddenly, inexplicably, I was naked, surrounded by a crowd of people, and a police officer (clearly American by the uniform) was trying to slap handcuffs on me.
I pointed at a random man I’d been walking with, and said, “it was his fault!” He looked taken aback. Somehow, this was enough of an alibi for public indecency for the officer, who gave up on the cuffs and instead threw a large towel in my direction. Gratefully, I wrapped it round myself.
To be honest, I’ve had better birthdays.


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