The Other Unicorn Dream

I wanted to move back to University early, so mum helped me take my stuff there. Only when I’d gotten all my stuff down to my new flat I realised I hadn’t told anyone I was coming back. So no flat keys for me.
I also realised I’d forgotten a load of stuff whilst packing. This was a disaster, and mum had already gone.
It would cost mum £60 by train to bring my stuff up and go home again, so I decided I’d go home myself. Suddenly, a shower of rainbows swallowed me, and my body began to transform.
My skin turned snowy white, my hands and feet hardened and rounded. My face grew longer and a horn protruded from my forehead. My hair extended down my back and turned pink. Yeah, you got it. I was in full unicorn mode.
I jumped up and burst through the ceiling with my massive yellow horn. Then I was in the sky, flying home, with a trail of rainbows billowing behind me. I dived for my parent’s house, and broke through their ceiling into my bedroom. I collected a tent, a sleeping bag and a few things I’d forgotten in my unicorn arms and then bounced on my unicorn feet and soared into the sky again.
I’d gotten back before mum had, and I’d got everything I needed to survive the next week without a flat. It was a successful day.

…Just hope mum liked the new skylight I’d made for my room.


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