The Inner Fox Dream

My friend had died. We were in a taxidermist’s shop and my friend quite simply died of horror. I looked down at her crumpled body on the floor and said, “oh.”
The taxidermist looked down at her and smiled as he said, “I can fix that.”
He dragged the fresh corpse up to his workbench, and grabbed a scalpel. He quickly set to work making clean cuts in the skin, until he could easily pull out what was inside the body –
A dead fox.
I was confused, and the taxidermist laughed. He said, “we all have an animal inside us.” It sounded like a come on, but I think he was deadly serious.
I asked him what mine was, but he shook his head. He pressed play on his CD player, and classical music seeped from it. He then took his scalpel up again and began working on the smaller corpse.
“No!” I screamed, as I realised what he was doing. He wasn’t preserving the fox at all. He was destroying it. He worked and worked until the there was only the hide of the poor animal left. There had been no traces of blood or bodily organs. It was perfectly clean.
In fact, the fox skin was quilted inside, and the taxidermist sure as hell hadn’t done it.
I had befriended a person with a fox inside them who was perfectly suited to do Cushelle adverts.


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