The Weed Smuggling Dream

My boyfriend was currently in the robbery business. He hired both me and a friend of mine to help him steal some weed from a local office block. For some reason, we agreed.
We split up and headed for different offices. Three particular workers were well known weed smokers, and I found a stash in a drawer easily enough. I grabbed a few pinches because it was loose in the drawer, and stuffed it into a piece of paper. I closed the drawer, and snuck back out again unnoticed.
Unfortunately, we forgot to take into account the fact that we all had lessons in this office building. My boyfriend and friend had gone ahead of me, and had already found their weed, so they didn’t know if I’d succeeded in my task. I sat opposite them on the square table, and they looked at me questioningly. The woman teaching us happened to be the weed smoker I’d stolen from. And she was suspicious.
Especially when my friend held up a container well-known for weed usage to show me he had been successful. I shook my head in alarm. How stupid could he be?! People would know!
The woman saw me fiddling around with my bag, and asked me what was in there. Proudly, I pulled out a plasticine model of a lake. Little did she know that her weed was concealed inside. I was pretty impressed with my handiwork.
I think she just decided I was weird and left it at that.

I’d like to take this opportunity to point out I don’t even smoke cigarettes, let alone weed… and I don’t steal from offices… especially ones I visit regularly.
But apparently I do in my dreams.


5 thoughts on “The Weed Smuggling Dream

  1. I have a personal idea about what drugs and other mind-altering states might mean in a dream. I have similar things come up for me, being drunk, taking drugs, having visions, etc. I “think” they might represent the unconscious mind, that state in which our ego is suppressed and our uninhibited mind is allowed to express itself. So I think that when I’m in a drugged/drunken dream state or dream about drugs/mind-altering substances that maybe the dream is pointing to myself as a dreamer or to my dreaming mind. I’m probably not saying exactly what I mean… 😦

    Alright, it’s similar to what I think about coffee in a dream. Coffee probably represents some excited state of mind or someone or something (in my dream) is in an energized state, perhaps induced (e.g. by coffee).

    Of course, what I make of those ideas eventually are very different depending on the context in the dream.

    In your dream, especially because you don’t use weed, it probably represents something like what I’m trying very poorly to explain.



    1. Oh I’m so glad someone finally brought up the meanings of the dreams!
      I’m going to be honest, many of my dreams seem to be related to random points of interest or thoughts from that day. For instance, during the day before I had ‘The Party Dragon Dream,’ I had been working on my designs for a dragon cosplay, and it featured heavily in the plot.
      And then of course, there are the completely random ones, like ‘The Taxidermist Dream,’ in which I have no idea where any of it came from, and I quite frankly scare myself 🙂
      And in answer to your question about the drawer, I never really thought it meant anything. But after your comment I considered the significance, and maybe it symbolises chaos and disorder? Cupboards and shelves etc. tend to be neat and orderly whereas the contents of drawers constantly move about with use. Maybe my subconscious links chaos and disorder with the use of drugs?
      Either way I think I need to read The Interpretation of Dreams!


      1. Very quickly, I have an idea about how our dreams pick up on daily activities. It’s my notion that our unconscious incorporates those daytime images when they’re useful to whatever it is processing/communicating, especially because it’s close at hand, possibly more accessible to the conscious mind. Other times, those daytime images won’t work for whatever it is the unconscious is mulling/working within us. At times like those, it dredges up old or even unfamiliar images in order to construct a metaphor or whatever device provides meaning in its psychic language.

        As for drawers, I was thinking of the way we talk about our minds as being compartmentalized. We think of language in this spot in the brain, vision in another, etc. What if what you are saying about the chaos and disorder is true and then apply to the drawer as a compartment of the mind, then you have a part of the psyche (or just some thoughts) that is cluttered, maybe in need of some organization.


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