The House Party Hostage Dream

And in today’s dream, someone broke into my house and started playing video games in my kitchen.
So I did what any other person terrified for their life would do.
I sat on him.
Okay so it sounds like a guy broke into my house and I took him hostage. But I sat on him for a reason.
I sat on him so his access to the knives was restricted. I struggled to keep him still and I asked my boyfriend to pass me one of the knives.
He stood there watching us, confused. Eventually he passed me the smallest knife he could find. I sighed.
Keeping my foot on the stranger’s face, I grabbed the nearest carving knife and made a gash down his arm. He started crying.
My boyfriend decided he was bored of all this and went outside to the paddling pool, where several of our family members were enjoying the sunshine.
It’s only just occurred to me now that the burglar on the sofa in the kitchen… may have just been a guest.
Anyway, I decided to join everyone outside; the man’s tears were unnerving. A small ginger dog was running riot around the garden and I’m pretty sure he was undead.
I splashed about in the pool a bit, careful not to get my hair wet because we were running away in an hour or so…As soon as my boyfriend had finished burying himself in the sand.
…No, I don’t know either. I think my subconscious needs therapy.


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