The Ugly Drunk Dream

Once again I had moved into a new flat. I only knew one of the people I was living with, and the other three were all girls who seemed completely bitchy and plastic. They already had the flat full of their cloned friends. We decided to look around the flat and everything seemed adequate… although the showers were extremely weird.
They were almost laid out like a leisure centre. We had a shower upstairs, and a shower downstairs on either side of the flat. They were more like wetrooms though, with a clinical feel to them.
We decided to abandon the people we would have to put up with for a year, and we went dancing instead. We happily pulled some wacky moves on the dance floor; arms in the air, legs moving quickly – much better than I could ever dance in real life. Until someone elbowed me in the face.
Half of my face sort of exploded outwards. It instantly grew lumpy and red, totally attractive. It felt like a chewing gum bubble, all delicate and squishy. The guy went to apologise, then took one look at my face and practically ran away. I looked in the reflection of my drink, then shrugged and carried on dancing.
A female security guard stopped us. She said I wasn’t allowed to dance because I was too drunk and too ugly, and that I was scaring away the customers. I tried to explain the reason for the swelling, but she didn’t believe me. She thought I was just born with half of my face huge and red, so I told her angrily not all of us were born as ugly as she was.
…She kicked us out.


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