The World Tour Dream

I was going on tour with a group of people claiming to be a band. I’d never heard of them. But Hell, I was going along anyway. Free world tour!
First stop was France. We were staying in a decent hotel with a perfect view of where the band would be playing.
It was much larger than I had anticipated. This arena could hold a crowd of at least fifty thousand people. The stage loomed over the empty pit, daunting and scary. I felt sick.
We made our way down to the arena, and the band began to set up their equipment. I’d had no idea they were this famous! They’d sold out every available ticket.

Later on, when the crowds had begun to swarm in, the lead guitarist told me they wanted me on stage. All colour drained from my face. The band began to play songs by Pantera, but I’ve never heard any of their stuff… so I just stood there swaying awkwardly to the beat, watched by one hundred thousand eyes.
After a few songs the band began to notice my discomfort. They switched to The Hoosiers – Worried About Ray. That made me cheer up a bit. I could sing this! It’d be fine! The crowd may not like my singing, but hey! I knew all the words.
They handed me a microphone. I began to sing.
The crowd stopped moving, and I thought, “Hey! My singing must be so good they’ve all be entranced!” And then one by one, they all began to leave.
I suppose this is a sign that my singing career isn’t going to take off. Guess I’ll stick to writing instead.


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