The Living Crystal Dream

Double whammy of dreams! I had two last night. The first one involved Zombies of a sort. The second involved me being a maintenance Squib in Hogwarts. Here is the first:

We were in a sort of laser quest style sci-fi building. It was dark and eerily quiet in there, but there was a big group of us, so I felt safe. I had a real laser gun in my hands, the only one of us in the party with laser charges left. I was shooting at the grills in the walls as we were supposed to. One had a light blue crystal forming over it. I shot it and it smashed, giving me a bonus.
I wasn’t quite sure what that bonus was until I started hearing the others. They were talking without moving their mouths. I could hear their thoughts.
They looked at me questioningly, waiting for me to tell them what I’d received. I shrugged and said it must have been a points boost. I think they believed me.
We wandered around aimlessly for a bit, but this place seemed to be deserted. Nothing to fight at all. This was a strange level.
We came across another crystal. This one was purplish black, and it throbbed with energy over the air vent. I shot it as usual, but nothing happened. The laser bounced off the crystals and rebounded back over our heads.
We looked at the crystal. Steve, one of the taller guys, reached up and touched it.
He shouldn’t have done that.
Part of the crystal disappeared, but a purplish black crystalline scar seared his side. He screamed in agony. The last scream he’d ever utter, but I still heard his pain in his mind. We saw the crystal mutating his flesh, purple lines winding themselves up his neck until his eyes flashed purple.
The man who looked at us wasn’t Steve anymore.
He grabbed the arm of the nearest girl and squeezed. The purple lines shot up her arm and she too screamed. The girl’s boyfriend tried to pull her away from the monster, but now his flesh was connected too. The rest of us stared in horror at such a quick turnaround. We’d been winning…
Our now dwindled number ran. We ran until we reached a large, open room. Already some of the crystallised dead were roaming in here. And they had seen us.
But I’d seen something else too. Straight ahead was the winning crystal. Unlike any of the previous ones we’d destroyed or consumed, this one was a diamond. The prize for beating the map, and our ticket to getting the hell out of here.
I looked at the others and we nodded in silent agreement. We ran. It didn’t matter about teamwork now. It was every man for himself. I saw two of our party go down instantly, but they were only stragglers. I only cared about two of them, and wanted them to make it with me.
But they had been taken to.
I was the only one left.
Only now I was surrounded by a room full of zombies. I closed my eyes, accepting defeat.
Until I heard them thinking. I heard what each and every zombie was thinking, and what they were going to do. I smiled. I ran at the crowds blocking my path to the exit, and elbowed the first in the face. One lunged at my throat, but I anticipated it and dodged. More and more attacked me, but each time I punched, elbowed, kicked and rugby tackled my way out.
I broke free. The crystal was right ahead of me. The zombies picked up their pace now, scrabbling frantically to touch my exposed flesh. But they were too late. I reached out, and felt the hard, smooth edge of the diamond…


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