Apologies, Urgencies And Magical Tendencies

Come on guys, get submitting! 🙂


As you may have noticed, the January edition of The Writer’s Quibble was not posted when we said it would be.

We apologise.

We had a lack of submissions and illustrators. Come on guys! Don’t forget that anyone can write or draw for our magazine, not just Derby Uni students! Without you we couldn’t keep doing what we do.

But we’re not giving up! We’re just delaying this edition by a month. That means you’ve still got two weeks to get your poetry and prose in for the theme:

Urban Fantasy

So take your vampires, your dragons, your mythical beasts, and put them in your best friend’s house, your local kebab shop, or slinking across the rooftops like Batman.

Submissions should be sent to uod.writersquibble@hotmail.com

Rules and regulations can be found here: https://writersquibble.wordpress.com/about/

Also, if you’re a second year Creative Writing student, expect us to magically appear in one of your lectures, like…

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I haven’t posted anything in about a month! And I’m sorry. It’s been hectic, but I’m surprisingly still alive! I’ve been ill a lot, working a lot and now I’m currently trying to arrange my dissertation, create my Toothless cosplay, and all the other mundane life-y living stuff we have to do. Phew!

My brain is to blame too. It hasn’t been cooperating! No dreams = no dream blog posts. Sad times!

…Not that I’m creating excuses. I’ve also just been really lazy. But hey, it was Christmas! Of which I hope you all had an awesome time and got all the Guardians of the Galaxy merchandise you could’ve hoped for.

With any luck I’ll start to be consistent with my blog posts this year, and after I finish my Creative Writing degree (scary thought), I’ll be free to write, and write, and keep writing until my hands go blue and my brain fits comfortably in my handbag from shrivelling so much.

Watch this space!