Sorry Excuses

Sorry again! I really am getting bad at keeping up with blogging of late. I have once again been very busy. And in this post I shall update you on my recent comings and goings, and it will hopefully explain the lack of my internet presence…

  1. Final ever semester of University. I’ve been interviewing people for my dissertation, reading books on episodic memory (for dissertation, don’t ask!) writing the actual poems for my dissertation, and writing a 30 page script for my Advanced Scriptwriting module, and even when I’ve finished all this I’m nowhere near done!
  2. Work. I’ve been working a hell of a lot lately. Well, a lot for a student anyway. I’ve also been drawing up designs for the boards in the bar I work at, such as these:
  3. Drinking. Like seriously, why are everyone’s birthdays and leaving dos and parties in February and March?! Spare a thought for the poor alcoholic students who should really be doing their work rather than going out and being merry…
  4. The Writer’s Quibble. I’ve been doing a lot of work for my University’s Creative Writing magazine lately. First we had to find editors to replace us when we leave, then we had to get March’s edition out there… very busy. You can see the latest edition here:

  5. Nothing to actually put on here. My bank of writing material has run rather dry at the moment. I’ve not even been having dreams recently! What’s wrong with my brain? Am I becoming… normal?
    …Plus all of my effort is being pumped into the above points.
  6. Sheer laziness. No other excuses for it really.

So yeah… I hope you can forgive me, but I am working hard! And with any luck I shall be back properly soon, with freedom to write and a degree slung suavely over my shoulders.

Currently on track for a first with my previous results. Woohoo! Fingers crossed I can keep it up!!

Anyways, back to work…


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