The Godzilla With A Skating Fetish Dream

It was the work leaving party of two people, and we were showing the new girl the ropes. She looked identical to the manager, which was pretty damn scary. Everyone around me was getting drunk whilst I poured drinks all night. So I decided to take a break from it all and went into another dimension, as you do. In there, however, was an old friend of a recurring dream; Godzilla.
I use the term ‘friend’ loosely. Me and Godzilla don’t get on. Yeah, it sounds stupid, but when you’re faced with a mutated dinosaur of that size, it’s actually rather scary. In this realm he looked terrifying, with glowy eyes and in full on angry mode.
So I hid. In an empty house, I climbed up to the room where a child once lived. There was no sign of life here anymore, save for the gorgeous little black and white kitten watching me in alarm. I shushed the cat, whose eyes were now big and almost fully white.
I scooped up a packet of awesome stickers with bugs on them, and I got behind the curtains of this little girl’s room, trying not to breathe. I heard Godzilla laugh. He knew I was here.
But then there was silence. Utter silence. I didn’t dare move for a while. Then it was clear; he wasn’t after me anymore. But there wasn’t anything else left in this godforsaken world – he’d already killed all humans.
That’s when I spotted the purple tear in the fabric of reality.
My bad.
All portals now led back to Earth. He’d finally found another world to play with; my world. I had no choice but to confront him.
I walked through the portal back to utter chaos. People ran screaming in all directions as Godzilla crushed theirs homes and swallowed them whole. I was nowhere near the city where he ran amok, but I could hear him.
Just as I was wondering how I could misplace a sixty foot lizard, he came into view.
And it was hilarious.
He looked like a creature I once made out of play dough in nursery. His head was triangular on a stupidly thin neck, and he looked like he was made of rubber and ribbed. However, he was still a sixty foot lizard destroying half the city, so I wasn’t going to take it lightly.
And he was mocking me, waiting for me. A group of skaters tried escaping from the city, but one was not so lucky. Godzila picked him up in his hand, skateboard still attached and started to play with him. He made a mock skateboard ramp out of broken buildings and started zooming this poor guy over it, squishing him into the walls in the process.
I saw numerous skateboards damaged in similar ways, all outside the skateboard shop, where the sign, “Clearance, 75% off” hung in the window. Clearly, this was not Godzilla’s first rodeo. He had a thing for skateboards.
That’s when he saw me. I ran as fast as I could with this giant green blob chasing after me. I raced down the underpass most of the skateboarders had fled to. It was dark, but I could still sense the movement of a few survivors, many of them clutching at their precious skateboards. I carried on walking.
I saw my colleagues hiding around an abandoned wooden chair. They didn’t look happy. I walked over to them to tell them I’d sort it out, that everything would be okay.
“You’re fired.”


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